A Guide to Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) can be one of the most interesting real estate trends that many families are looking into. There are many advantages to adding an ADU to your home. If you want to build an ADU or are looking for an ADU garage conversion in Los Angeles, several steps need to be taken after the city planning department approves your plans. Hence before starting the process, you must understand the complete structure briefly. Read this guide ahead to understand the whole ADU process, its advantages, and the permit process in Los Angeles.

What is ADU?

Accessory Dwelling Units, more commonly known as ADUs, are so named because they’re secondary housing units. It refers to a place where you could go in your backyard and live separately from your home. They vary in size, shape, and style. Some are small additions to your home that provide extra space, while others are large structures with multiple rooms. The ADU services scale is determined by the lot size and the size of your overall property.
The main benefit of having an ADU is that it allows a homeowner to rent out individual rooms within the house. The tenant doesn’t have a bathroom or kitchen. But they can use the entire home—which, in the end, makes for a more lucrative rental arrangement. This can be done for vacation homes, unoccupied rental spaces, or even second homes to decrease taxes on properties with large mortgages. For example: if you want an extra income from your property taxes, you might rent out an ADU on your property to increase your net income. Theoretically, this can also be done for commercial spaces like restaurants or hotels.

Advantages of ADU

There are many advantages of constructing an ADU, and a few are mentioned below:

Additional Income

ADU can be part of the additional income that you can earn from your property. You have two ways to earn profit from such a type of property. You can earn a long-term investment from this by making properties that can be rented out, or else you can also generate short-term revenue by making the area available for corporate functions and events.

Extra Space

Construction of Accessory Dwelling Units in the house can help get more space attached to your home. Your children can use the extra space to play and study. You can also spend your own quality time in those spaces.

Affordable Cost

ADUs are not very expensive and can be constructed at a low cost that can be easily affordable by anyone. You can get a whole new added space at a low cost. If you’re looking to build an ADU in Los Angeles, you can connect with DB Construction which is the ADU Builder & Architect in L.A. They can help you build an ADU and other constructions like bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, etc.

Perfect for Visitors

Extra space can be an interesting thing to construct. It can save you when you have guests coming in. We usually go out of space when guests arrive, and we fail at times to give them a comfortable living. Hence ADU can be an extremely suitable choice as a guest room. So next time you have guests, they will definitely have a comfortable place to stay.

Extra Workout Space

ADU can help in getting a space for your sports practices. You can convert the additional space into anything that can be a gym, playground, or sports room. You can do multiple exercises or play games with your friends and family. Hence, you must get such rooms constructed for you.

What is ADU Permit Process in Los Angeles

If you are planning to construct an ADU in Los Angeles, you must know that there are certain guidelines that you need to follow. The most important step which you need to cover is taking a permit. Accessory Dwellings permits are necessary, and one of the most important aspects amongst these is ADU permit cost and regulations regarding their construction. The permit allows you to add a dwelling unit to your house without any major structural alteration or noticeable structural changes.

ADU Contractors

This means that all of your household belongings will stay intact once you continue remodeling. Overall, hiring a licensed professional ADU contractor can help you obtain all the necessary permits in Los Angeles. For this reason, you need to connect with DB Construction who are professional ADU Contractors in Los Angeles. They will help you with all the processes easily. Apart from giving you a clear brief about the construction, they will also ensure that the construction is done perfectly and on time. Selecting an ADU design may not be as easy as it seems. But, the best way to select the perfect one is by choosing a contractor with plenty of experience and knowledge about these interior additions.

How Much Time Does It Take to Get an ADU Permit?

If you are finding ways to construct an ADU, you must understand that this can be a time-consuming process. Although the state government has several steps to increase the vitality of ADU in today’s world, many professional contractors have taken the statement seriously. They make sure to complete the process in a shorter amount of time.

What is the Process of Constructing an ADU

The process of constructing an ADU starts with seeking a permit from the government. This way, the professional contractors you have hired for ADU Construction will take the approval of the State Government by submitting the proper documents and plans on which your ADU will be constructed. Once the state approves the request, they will start with the construction process, which goes into the following steps:


A complete structural plan will be distributed among the professional constructors, and you and good planning will be done on which certain things will be decided and how they are going to start the construction work and complete it.


Decision-making is the second process of building an ADU. Here the contractors decide the dates and timing on which they will start the construction.

Items Required

As soon as the decision is made, the contractors will create a list of items required for the construction process. They will arrange all the items required for the construction process.

Start the Construction

As soon as they finish proper planning, they will start the construction process to complete it before the given deadline.
Overall, it takes two weeks to seek permission from the government and five to six months to create the project.

Wrapping Up!

The description above gives a clear conclusion about an ADU and the things you need to consider before constructing it. It is the most beneficial thing which you must plan and when executed you will find it to be one of your best decisions.
Moreover, to get convenient services you must connect to DB Construction, the Top Remodeling General Contractor in Los Angeles. They can provide you with the best services in ADU construction at affordable rates.

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